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TraxArt - Marketing
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General information

We cover marketing services from advisory and strategy recommendation to implementation of strategies by carrying out AdWords campaigns, pay per click adverts, awareness campaigns, affiliate marketing, email marketing, natural link building and much more.

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Search Engine Optimization

Building online awareness through link building has recently turned into follow up of ever changing Google updates. Before you sign up with any SEO company, make sure you are well informed of what practices they use and whether these are still relevant. Our advice is good quality frequently updated content, the more, the better. Sharing it on social media is also recommended. And of course, we can propose changes.

Awarness campaigns

Awareness campaigns are of utter importance especially if you are introducing new product or service. Good old Facebook is often a good idea, as you can choose demographic structure of your clients, as well as enjoy very little limitations that are required from the format or design of your campaign. Apart from Facebook there is enormous amount of other opportunities that are available for advertisers.

Affiliate marketing

As affiliate marketing is extremely time consuming, many companies prefer to have someone to do it for them. No wonder – who wants to spend time by contacting other businesses without a certainty of response, if you can do what you really love – and what earns you money. We have the knowledge of the market as well as software that facilitates the whole process, thus saving you time and money.

Other services

You may also want to use other channels – email marketing, posters and promotional materials, advertising in public transport, etc. This all can be done as well. And one last thing - there are no limits, especially when it comes to creativity.

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