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General information

Whether it is graphic design of logos and promotional materials, designing your website or landing pages, we always aim for the best results that make both business owners and customers happy. By conversion oriented design you can easily increase your click through rates, thus saving a lot of money for advertising and getting new clients. We always offer a few proposals and make sure you have enough information to make the right decisions for your business.

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Graphic design

By unique graphic design of your website, products and promotional materials you can attract new clients as well as raise awareness of your product/service. Get your bespoke design that suits your needs and expectations.

We can offer a complete proposal of your website including user interface, logo or trademark design. We can also create a design for printed materials and promotional materials such as leaflets, posters, business cards, newsletters, car stickers, etc.

Before carrying out the project we always offer a few graphics proposals together with consultancy on design, colours and elements.

Webdesign & applications

Graphic design of a website is not only about the element composition or choice of colours, but also about creation of awareness of a specific information that is vital in a decision making process. If your web is missing relevant information, it is harder to attract new customers.

According to the chosen graphic design we build bespoke websites with easily operational user interface. During the design process we use the colour palette and choose specific colour profiles to make sure that user's attention will be directed to elements that are of utmost importance and priority.

Impress your clients by dynamic design of your website or landing pages. You can make your online window screen stand out by using CSS3 and HTML5 programming languages.

Corporate identity

Creating corporate identity by defining your style also means graphic design with a uniform appearance. Apart from website you can use other promotional materials such as business cards, printed materials, company products, company vehicle, etc.

We implement uniform graphic style tailor made to your company. We propose and process not only comprehensive graphic solutions, but also solutions for individual sections and materials.

Promotional materials & stationery

Promotional materials and printed materials are gradually being replaced by other forms of advertising. However, if you sustain simplicity and creativity, you can still use these as one of the advertising channels to increase your chances of getting new clients.

We implement different phases of designing process, in practise it is usually means many hours of brainstorming, re-designing and implementation. With the completed design we can create brochures, business cards, corporate banners, posters or promotional materials and other printed materials.

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